CAIS CXO Podcast featuring Steve Kurz

Steve Kurz
November 11, 2021 7:26 AM

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Steve Kurz, Partner at Galaxy Digital, spent the first decade of his career in traditional finance. Following that, he crossed over into crypto before it was considered cool and has since become a trailblazing voice in its institutional adoption. In the season finale of CXO, we sit down with Steve for a candid conversation on bitcoin, blockchain, and breaking the mold in an ever-evolving industry. Hear Steve's views on: Debunking the simple calculus that he believes many first-time crypto investors fall prey to. Understanding that fundamentals may exist in crypto, just as many believe they do in the stock markets. Recognizing bitcoin’s raison d'être, and why he believes it has become especially compelling as central banks look to digitize fiat currencies. Setting 0.50% as a starting point for strategic asset allocation to digital assets.

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