No complicated lock-ups/fund premiums relative to NAV.

Regular monthly statements.

Standard tax documents (e.g., K1s).

Fee Structure

Fee structure

75-125 bps management fee (depending on contribution size).

No performance fee.

Institutional caliber

institutional caliber

Premier service providers, including Bakkt and Fidelity.

Digital assets for Bitcoin custody, Bloomberg for bitcoin pricing, and Deloitte US for audit.

Powered by Galaxy Digital

Powered by Galaxy Digital

325+ person global platform.

Significant domain expertise in both asset management and digital assets.

A tour of bitcoin

Limited Supply
Non-sovereign status
Limited Supply

Limited supply

Bitcoin offers one of the only verifiably scarce, immutable, and capped supply assets in the world.

Only 21 million bitcoin will ever be issued.

Non-sovereign status

Non-sovereign status

No single point of failure or control.

Supply issuance resistant to macro or government influence.

Democratized digital money.



Hard-coded software defines user rules.

All transactions between users are permanently recorded.

Auditable transaction verification and history.



Cryptographically secured and validated transactions.

Security lies in the asymmetry of the costs of performing the “proof-of-work”.

The Bitcoin blockchain has never been hacked.

Bitcoin has created a new asset class that may become the biggest technological development since the Internet.

Why invest?

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Compelling Hedge

Compelling hedge

Bitcoin is a compelling hedge to the current macro uncertainty surrounding trade wars and the heightened levels of expansionary monetary policy.

Digital store of value

Digital store of value

Bitcoin is a digital, decentralized store of value, which utilizes cryptography to secure and validate transactions.

Galaxy Bitcoin Funds

The Galaxy Bitcoin Fund is a private fund designed to provide institutional-quality exposure to bitcoin. The Fund will invest directly in bitcoin and will be priced based on the Bloomberg Galaxy Bitcoin Index (“BTC”), a bitcoin pricing source administered and calculated by Bloomberg. The Fund seeks to mitigate the complexities of investing in digital assets by providing investors with outsourced trading, operations, finance, and custody / digital asset private key protection services.


Direct institutional-quality exposure

The Galaxy Bitcoin Funds (the “Funds”) are a private funds designed to provide institutional-quality exposure to bitcoin.


Execution and pricing transparency

The Funds invest directly in Bitcoin and prices are based on the Bloomberg Galaxy Bitcoin Index, a BTC pricing source administered and calculated by Bloomberg.


Operational ease

We maintain relationships across numerous exchanges and OTC counterparties.



We partner with Fidelity Digital Assets.


Structured reporting

We provide familiar reporting: audited financial statements, tax reporting (e.g., K1, PFIC), periodic NAV reporting, etc.

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Eligibility Requirements

Accredited Investor - You are accredited as an individual if you made over $200,000 in the last two calendar years (or $300,000 with your spouse), or if you have greater than $1,000,000 in liquid net worth, excluding your primary residence.



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